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PROJECT #1:  Spaces transformed:

Office, Bedroom Storage Closet, Front Room Storage Closets  

My client wanted to use her office as and office AND a yoga room AND as a place to store her craft supplies.  The problem was her office had become a sort of "catch-all" room with all kinds of things sitting there taking up precious space and making the room feel less than zen. 


So, the first thing we did was clear out that room and decide what was staying in the room, what was going somewhere else in the house, and what just did not belong in the house at all.  Then we created a room that would function as a WFH office AND let her easily transition to her yoga mat after work.  We also set up a crafting center in the corner so she could keep all of her supplies in one place and we organized it so that she'd always know where everything was when she needed it.

Then, we needed to work on the storage closets in the bedroom and the front room because while there was a lot of space, it wasn't being used effectively, creating a frustrating overflow of stuff.  Plus, some of the stuff we cleared out of the office/yoga/craft room, we now needed to put in a better place. 


So we took everything out of all 3 closets, decided what was staying in the house, categorized it all, put it in appropriately sized containers (so that they would slide on and off the shelves without a giant fight, and put it all back together so that it all made sense.

 PROJECT #2: Whole House Transformation  

My client wanted to get her entire apartment in order.  She'd lived there forever and had accumulated a lifetime of things that she needed in all the various iterations of her life.  She was now retired and her daughter was off to college and she wanted her home to feel like a sanctuary. 


So we pulled out decades worth of belongings, sorted through all of it, donated or disposed of lots of things that no longer suited the life she was living, and we put it all back together so that she didn't have to knock over 15 bottles of Calamine lotion to try and find a tape dispenser. 


We were able to set up her kitchen so that she had nice, clear, clutter-free countertops and easy access to her cookbooks and baking supplies.  And, we used an apron that was precious to her (but had been hidden away in a drawer) as a piece of decor.  


The really cool thing was that we were able to get all of her knitting projects and out of all the different closets and cubby holes where they were hiding and create an entire knitting nook that we could not stop looking at.  And she now has an exercise zone that is organized and we hung the guitars on the wall to create floor space, guitar storage, and an amazing (and unique) gallery wall.

 PROJECT #3: Whole House Transformation 

My client said that her home felt like chaos and she wanted it to feel calm.  She wanted to be able to get out the door every morning without fighting with her clothes and makeup and pocketbook.  And she wanted to be able to come home every night and feel like she could exhale and relax and enjoy being in her home.

So, we went area by area, sorting through everything she owned and choosing what was staying in her home and why, and then we put it all back so that it was both stylish AND functional and felt like a home that belonged to her.   


And  now she says that she feels like she is in control;  like she is capable; and like she could be someone that gets up at six in the morning and goes for a run because all her stuff is exactly where she expects it to be and where she needs it to be.   


It now feels easy.

PROJECT #4: Temporary Bedroom Clothing Storage

My client had just moved into their new home and needed a way to store her clothing while construction on the house was being completed and before all of the final furnishings were selected and purchased.  She was using a simple clothing rack, but it was not big enough to hold all of the clothing.  She purchased a canvas closet, but hadn't yet taken it out of the box to assemble.

The first thing we did was to put together the new canvas closet.  We were both eager to see how much space it was going to provide.  Then we took all of the clothing and sorted it into categories.  We put like items together on the shelves, folding them so that they were easily accessible and identifiable.  The clothing that was worn most often, we hung so that it was easy to grab and go.  And the cool thing is that nothing was crowded or smushed together. 


The whole room opened up when the clothing was put away.

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