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Virtual Organizing Appointments available for all locations.

In-Person + Move Unpacking + Organizing Services available in Portugal for Summer 2024.

Available for Projects Worldwide through 2024.  Book a call and let's talk all things what, where, and when.

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Organized. Functional. Beautiful.

Welcome Home.

“I just feel better when I walk in the door.  Like I can exhale."


"It's the feeling of okay, I'm home, I'm in my space, I'm comfortable here, I can relax, I can unwind, I can take a bath without fighting through piles of products to find what I'm looking for.” 


What if you could contain the chaos and learn to love your home again?

No more:

  • fighting with your vacuum cleaner, the Christmas decorations, and 42 rolls of toilet paper just to get your suitcase out of the closet so you could go on vacation.

  • rummaging around in your closet for an hour, looking for the skirt you want to wear before just grabbing whatever you can grab and making do.

  • overwhelm.  Instead, you have a home that makes you feel capable and in control–like you're the kind of person who can get up at six in the morning and go for a run because all your stuff is exactly where you expect it to be and where you need it to be so there's no fight that happens before you get out the door.

You can (and you deserve to) live in a home that

feels calm.

It’s just that right now, your home feels like chaos and the only thing you know for sure is that nothing is sparking joy and you’ve somehow got to find a place for all of your stuff that doesn’t involve renting a storage unit.


That changes today.  This is how.

Woman laying on bed reading a magazine with legs up against headboard and white pillows.

"I can just be happy
and enjoy being in my home.” 

“Whenever I was taking things out of the clothing closet or drawers or the hall closet or even my kitchen cabinets, it was like I was constantly fighting against the stuff. I was fighting to shove things in. I was fighting to grab things out without everything falling out. There was a tension in how I interacted with all of my spaces that was very stressful.   And knowing that now I can take something out and put it back and not have to fight when I’m engaging with the things that I own, it just makes everything feel easy and like I can just be happy and enjoy being in my home.” 


Woman leaning against a desk smiling at camera with artwork in the background to left and vase of pink flowers to right.

Hey! I'm Vivian.

And this is what I know is true:  Nobody in the history of homes has ever said, “I regret organizing my house.”

As a professional organizer, what I do hear people say is: “I don’t know where to start and I can’t figure it out and I’m in over my head and I can’t do it.” 


That’s OK because I do know where to start and I can help you figure it out and you CAN do it.   I’ve got a plan, and a process, and I can show you the steps and when you get stuck, I’ll help you get unstuck.   


Because you deserve the kind of life where you can take a bath and unwind without having to fight through piles of stuff in the linen closet to try and find the bath bombs.

And because the other thing I know is true is that changing your home, changes your life.

You want someone with a system, a set of steps that you can follow, and who will hold your hand through the rough bits, show you how to do the stuff you don’t know how to do, make sure you don’t get stuck or let you just start shoving things back in the closet when it all seems like too much. 


But mostly, you want someone who believes the change can happen and believes that you can make it so.  And who will work with you–helping you make the hard decisions (and the easy ones) and deciding where things should live in a way that makes the most sense for the way you are using the things and the spaces in your home

"And all of a sudden I’m like, Yeah, we CAN do this.” 

“Vivian made me feel like I could do this and there's a process and there's a plan and there are steps that are going to be taken to get to the end. And some of the things that made it hard for me to start or to finish once we started, Vivian either handled for me or guided me through.  And it's that hand-holding. And she comes in and is like, one, two, three, and all of a sudden I’m like, Yeah, we CAN do this.” 



Here's how we make the magic happen.

A closeup picture of a woman wearing a white long sleeved shirt placing a stack of 3 pairs of folded jeans on a shelf

Work with me privately, in person, one-on-one.  


I'll come to your home and we will sort through your stuff, get rid of the junk, and arrange all the good stuff in a way that makes sense and gives you back the home you deserve.

Prices from $500.

Click that button up there to book a free consult.

PS:  Are you moving?  How great would it be if you moved and all of your boxes were unpacked and everything was put away and you didn’t have to do it yourself?

I offer:

  • Pre-move decluttering

  • Move Unpacking

  • New Home Organizing and Set Up

Click the button to schedule a consult to talk dates and arrange the services you need.

Woman looking at laptop and laughing at something on the screen. A vase with pink flowers on the left side of image.

Work with me one-on-one during a series of Zoom calls.  


I'll develop a personalized plan to help you declutter and organize your space.  We will set up a regular schedule and I will give you specific, do-able tasks for you to complete.  And I'll give you the guidance, inspiration, and practical knowledge you need to complete the tasks and create the home you dream of.  Including how to fold those fitted sheets you've got wadded up in the closet.

Click that button up there to book a free consult.

Woman in center of frame in white jacket smiling at camera. Vase with pink flowers to left of image. Photos on wall in backgr

Have a small group that's interested in decluttering or organizing a specific space in their homes?   How about hosting a weekend workshop (over Zoom) with up to 15 of your favorite people.  


From bigger projects like organizing a pantry to smaller adventures like sorting through the junk in our handbags, we can create a memorable, interactive, super helpful event for your friends.

Get in touch to discuss details and set things up:

What clients are saying...

“My closet looked like hot chaotic garbage.
And then it looked like Bloomingdales.


“Vivian helped me create a home that is
organized, functional, and beautiful.

“Vivian gave me some great insights on how to make better use of the space.  She pointed out areas that were underutilized and showed me how to arrange furniture to create more functional spaces.  She was patient and understanding and knew that I was feeling overwhelmed and she took the time to explain everything to me in a way that I could understand. 

Now there is a sense of harmony in my home."


"There are no more barriers
to getting to the things I need to take care of myself".

“There was one day where work was just like…awful. And it was like 6:30 and I just finished and all I wanted to do was just lay in Shavasana and so I did.  And I wouldn't have been able to do that if I didn't have a yoga mat right there.


I would have had to go find where my yoga mat was at that moment, because if I had done it in my bedroom the last time, I might have left my yoga stuff in there or maybe it was in the living room. Who knows? And then when I found my mat, I would have had to find a piece of floor to roll it out on. 


I can tell you this:  the Shavasana-ing would not have happened if we hadn’t organized that room.  I would have ended up on the couch playing games on my phone. And that’s not the self-care I needed.


"My home went from being chaotic
to being a sanctuary for me.”  

“My big joke is, I had 18 scotch tape dispensers in my house and they were in 18 different places.  I had them all over the place and it was like, How many drawers can I open up before I can't find what I'm looking for and just go buy another one? 


And now I go to the closet and I'm like, this is where the tape is. This is where the scissors are. I know where everything is and everything is right where it’s supposed to be."


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Whitewashed Brick

Besides helping successful professionals (like you) create a home that feels like home…

Here are 5 things you should know about me.
(random, potentially embarrassing, 
but maybe relatable?)

 I like music, but I don’t know music. 


Unless it’s Barry Manilow.

Or Taylor Swift.

Or it’s 9 to 5 by Dolly Parton. 


If it’s one of those three, I know it. 


Barry, Taylor, and Dolly are the voices in my head. 


Which means you should be prepared for random lyrics to come flying out of my mouth like it's the wisest thing you've ever heard. 

Woman with brown hair wearing black standing in front of a wall of photographs looking at the camera and smiling

I can show you how to
stop fighting with your stuff.

(aka  no more shoving things into your closet)

I provide professional home organizing services both in your home and virtually.

With custom solutions to fit your unique needs and lifestyle.  When you're ready to rumble, we should talk.

I send send a weekly newsletter with tips, how tos, stories, and a little bit of encouragement to support and inspire you to take action in designing a home that you want to come to.  

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